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BSD Revolution Freecoaster/Cassette Hub
The new BSD Revolution hub is here - limited stocks! The new generation of freecoaster hubs - it feels like a cassette hub, weighs the same as a cassette hub, has a pedal gap like a cassette hub and sounds like a cassette hub.  It’s been tested rigorously over the last two...

£229.99 £212.99

Halo MXF BMX Front Hub
Halo MXF BMX Hub At a mere 155g the MXF is a superlight race hub and yet strong enough for freestyle.Smooth sealed bearing alloy front hub with wide spaced flanges for high strength, high triangulation wheel builds. The forged alloy body and 15mm hollow alloy axle optimise weight and strength, while...

£54.99 from £49.99

Odyssey Vandero Pro Front Hub
Odyssey's beloved Vandero hub is back and better than ever. The new Vandero PRO hub is a high quality, sealed hub with in-bound axle bolts that is guard compatible (both included).  – 36-Hole Spoke Configuration – 7075-T6 aluminium hub shell – 6903RS sealed cartridge ball bearings

£89.99 from £79.99

Profile Mini Hub Set
Profile Mini Hub Set: PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL UPGRADES CALL AFTER PURCHASING THE STD CRMO OPTION TO UPGRADE TO TITANIUM PARTS - 0114 3830009 OR EMAIL SALES@WALLERBMX.CO.UK 7075 T6 Aluminum hollow axle for dramatic weight savings Hubset weight: full chromo with 9t driver 612g / 21.6oz 4-pawl engagement mechanism Choice...

£309.99 from £278.99

G-Sport Roloway Front Hub
G-Sport Roloway Front Hub The GSport Roloway hub is a precision sealed front hub with 3/8” in-bound axle bolts and two removable plastic hub guards. An oversized axle, bearing configuration and 7075-T6 aluminium hub shell is used for unmatched durability. Features 7075-T6 aluminium hub shell 6804RS sealed cartridge ball bearings...

£99.99 from £81.99

Animal Javelin Front Hub
Animal Javelin Front Hub Female axle design.CNC'd 7075 Aluminum shell.Hollow Chromoly axle with hex broach.7075 Aluminum cone spacers with Stainless Steel bearing contact to prevent deformation/binding.10mm Chromoly bolts work with either a 17mm socket or 6mm allen key.36 Hole.Weight - 9.9 oz

£89.99 £84.99

WeThePeople Hybrid Freecoaster/Cassette Rear Hub - Black
WeThePeople Hybrid Freecoaster/Cassette Rear Hub - Black Freecoaster or cassette? One of the biggest decisions we face these days as BMXers. Worry no more with this insane new hub from Wethepeople. Switch between FC and cassette with ease with this hub. Dimensions:  Drive side flange diameter - 58mm Non-Drive side...


Profile Elite Hub Set
Elite Hubs feature the Ultradriver, the first all-new driver design from Profile Racing in years, with six pawls and springs and 204 points of engagement. 204 points of engagement means instant engagement, no-hesitation acceleration, and a really cool buzz when you do stop pedaling. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL...

£479.99 £431.99

Animal Javelin Rear Cassette Hub
ANML's first street hub to hit the UK market is here. The Javelin cassette hub features a CNC machined 7075 aluminium shell with canted flanges for improved spoek suppport, a 1-piece chromoly 9t driver with Polymer driver bushings for greater reliability and a heat treated Cromo 14mm hollow axle with...

£169.99 £159.99

G-Sport Simian Front Hub
The G-Sport Simian hub is the predecessor to the ever popular G-Sport Marmoset hub. It's lightweight and super strong with design catered towards street riding. The hub shell is made from 7075 aluminium with angled flanges to prevent bending. The Simian features oversized bearings, a 20mm aluminium axle with helicoiled...

£79.99 £71.99

Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster Hub
The Clutch V2 Hub is a traditional clutch-based coaster hub design that eliminates all of the problematic elements on ordinary hubs and only keeps the parts that work. A new, super-strong FULL 14mm axle, bearing configuration, and drag mechanism design stops the need for constant repairs. Equipped with external slack...

£219.99 from £169.99

Profile Elite Front Hub
Elite Front Hubs are very similar to the Totem front hubs. They use the same hub shells, and feature similar anodised cone spacers and bolt head covers. The difference is that the Elite hubs have cone spacers with pressed on CrMo knurled washers to reduce axle spin when you're tightening...

£118.99 from £107.09

Halo DJD Supa Drive Rear Hub
If dirt jumping is your thing, then so is our DJD Supadrive SS Hub. After years of the highest profile testing from our world famous dirt jump team, our current range of DJ hubs are our best yet. Huge strength to weight ratios sets our DJ series apart from the...

£199.99 £187.99

Odyssey V3 Hazard Cassette Hub - 36 Hole, Black
Odyssey V3 Hazard Cassette Hub - 36 Hole, Black The hub that almost every modern cassette is based on is the V3 Cassette hub . Designed and Re-designed in-house at Odyssey BMX in California. Odyssey have been making this hub, and improving it since 2001, every other hub comes second,...

£149.99 £114.99

Odyssey Antigram V1 Cassette Hub
The Antigram is a 36-H rear hub that is strong, light and reasonably priced with in-bound axle bolts that is both RHD/LHD switchable and guard compatible. Specs 2014-T6 forged aluminum hub shell 6903RS sealed cartridge ball bearings 9-T driver with 3-Pawn independent springs design and precision caged needle bearings RHD/LHD...

£199.99 from £149.99

WeThePeople Helix Front BMX Hub
The Helix Front hub is a strong street hub made using 6061-T6 alloy hub shell, 4130 chromo female axle & 2 high quality strong sealed bearings Comes with 2 x Nylon guards. Weight: 260g / 8.9oz


Profile Mini Cassette Hub 14mm
Profile Racing's 14mm Mini Cassette is the hub that every other BMX hub wants to be. Made in USA. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU REQUIRE ADDITIONAL UPGRADES CALL AFTER PURCHASING THE STD CRMO OPTION TO UPGRADE TO TITANIUM PARTS - 0114 3830009 OR EMAIL SALES@WALLERBMX.CO.UKThe SS Mini Cassette Hub features: High/low flange cassette...

£209.99 from £188.99

Profile Mini Front Hub
Profile Racing's Mini front hub is designed to be light and strong.The Mini Front Hub features: 43mm Low flange in 36 or 28 hole drilling Oversized Aluminum Center Axle with 3/8 (10mm) CrMo bolts standard, 3/8 Ti bolt and 14mm hollow CrMo axle upgrade available Specifications Brand: Profile Racing Colour:...

£109.99 from £98.99

Odyssey Quartet Cassette Hub
The Odyssey Quartet Cassette Hub is the redesigned female axle version of the popular Odyssey Hazard V3 cassette hub. It features a 6061-T6 aluminum hub shell with angled flanges for increased spoke support, 1-pc chromoly driver with sealed needle bearings and 3 pawl engagement system, 14mm dropout adapter hardware and...

£139.99 £119.99

Shadow Symbol Front Hub - Black 10mm (3/8")
Shadow Symbol Front Hub - Black 10mm (3/8") The Symbol Front Hub is made with a 2014 Alloy hub shell with 7075-T6 push fit collars. Also featuring; sealed bearings, heat-treated Chromoly 10mm bolts and push fit Nylon hub guards. Weight 0.258kg/ 9.1oz Spec Heat-treated Chromoly 10mm female bolts17mm hex head or 6mm Allen...

£69.99 £64.99

Proper Select Front Hub
Proper's new front hub is generally going to look much like any other, however, there’s a load of thought and years of research and development behind the scenes. They've thickened up the flanges on this hub. They also set the spokes holes much further down the flange than most hubs. This...

£69.99 £59.99

Fly Bikes Magneto Rear Cassette Hub
The long awaited Fly Bikes Magneto Cassette Hub.  Magneto magentic driver/engagement system Magnetic field provides even repelling force, minimal friction Neomidium magnets maintain magnetic field longer than you'll be alive Unique and powerful sound! 36H only 14mm axle bolts RHD or LHD * 7075-T6 AL hub shell with recessed spoke...


G-Sport Roloway Cassette Rear Hub
GSport Roloway Cassette Hub Unmatched Durability G-Sport introduces the new Roloway Cassette hub. This RHD/LHD compatible hub features a modern slim shape along with all the durability you've come to expect from a G-Sport hub. Features 7075-T6 aluminum hub shell Super durable and smooth 16003 sealed cartridge hub shell bearings...

from £184.99

Profile Mini Hubshell
Spare hubshell for Profile Mini Hubs


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