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WeThePeople Doomsayer BMX Frame
One of the most progressive street riders in BMX now has his own signature frame! With super progressive geometry, A beefed up tube set and a unique hydroformed seat tube junction, The Doomsayer is one of the most advanced and robust street frames Wethepeople have ever created! Includes Wethepeoples Lifetime...

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Proper Tecmatik Frame
This frame was designed with three main objectives; to be strong, responsive, and affordable. There’s no compromise on quality but Proper have managed to keep the price reasonable by keeping what they call “vanity features” to a minimum. There’s no laser cut headtube logo, no gusset stamp, no fancy finish,...

£349.99 £249.99

Waller BMX Voucher
Voucher to be used online or in-store with Waller BMX.   You can purchase multiple vouchers at one time if you're wanting to purchase larger items. If purchased online we will post the voucher to you or, send you a voucher code via email (please select collect in-store to avoid...

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United Incarnate BMX Frame
The all new Incarnate frame. Designed to have a responsive and stiffened back end with the all-new ultra slim cast wishbone. Tested extensively through CAD aided machine work software to implement extreme force and handed to team riders to give a good battering.  Shallower pitched seat tube angle to move the bottom...

£299.99 £188.99

S&M Reynolds Credence CCR BMX Frame
Clint Reynolds' Signature frame from S&M. Designed to Clints Specification this frame features a regular to short 13.9" rear end and a regular 74.25 degrees headtube to make it that ultimate trails weapon. A instant S&M Classic design and features a built in seat clamp,10mm dropouts, tapered bullet tipped stays...

£499.99 from £459.99

S&M BTM Frame - Mike Hoder
The S&M BTM frame is Mike Hoder's signature frame and is built to shred. It is made from Butted True Temper SuperTherm Tubing and weighs a miserly 4.6lbs. Freshly designed for Mike hoder's street style with a short back end and low BB height. Available in some nice looking colour...

£479.99 £441.59

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WeThePeople Pathfinder BMX Frame
Felix Prangenberg Signature Frame New for 2020 WTP have given felix prangenberg’s signature “pathfinder” frame a full revamp.Now boasting a shorter 12.75” chainstay and some fresh new graphics, the pathfinder frame utilizes ground breaking offset thickness chain stay and bottom bracket shell, to strengthen the frame in areas susceptible to...

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Colony Sweet Tooth BMX Frame - Gloss Clear Purple
Colony Sweet Tooth BMX Frame - Gloss Clear Purple The Colony Sweet Tooth Pro is the weapon of choice for BMX pro and Colony team rider, Alex Hiam. Constructed using a full CrMo frame, the Sweet Tooth Pro offers awesome handling and the essential durability that the skatepark demands. Features:...

£299.99 £249.99

United Knightsbridge V2 BMX Frame
The ultimate trails weapon has gone back to the workshop and undergone some surgery! Now coming with more rounded top tube sizes from the 21.1, 21.4 and 21.6! This blasting beast is well equipped! With welded lugs, lowered chain stays for extra brake clearance and a newly embossed head tube...

£319.99 £292.79

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S&M Credence Black Magic Frame
Matty Aquizap's signature frame is designed to roast and do the most!Top Tube Length - 21",21.25",21.5"Rear End Length - 14.10" - 14.75"Head Tube Angle - 74Head Tube Style - Integrated (45°/45°, 41.8mm)Seat Tube Angle - 71°Seat Clamp - IntegratedSeat Post Size - 25.4mmBb Height - 11.6"Bb Style - MidStandover Height...

£499.99 from £364.99

S&M ATF 22" Wheel BMX Frame
Thinking of joining the 22 Inch revolution, look no further!  The S&M ATF 22" frame is made in the USA from a Super Therm tubeset. The 22" wheel sizing combines the quick and nimbleness of a 20" BMX with the speed and stability of a 24" cruiser. The frame features...


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Haro 1978 BMX Frame - 21" Top Tube
The Haro 78 frame is a great-value an aftermarket frame targeted at the beginner to intermediate rider who wants to get started at the bike park. The main frame is made from CrMo tubing, rear stays are high tensile steel.  Features: 5 tube CrMo tubing Integrated head tube Built-in seat...


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Federal Hamilton LTD Edition BMX Frame
Steven Hamilton was one of the most progressive and inspirational riders ever to represent the Federal brand. We worked closely with Steven to create a limited edition frame that encompasses both the past and future. As you’ll notice the front end is reminiscent of the Federal Fraction frame that Steven rode when he was...


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S&M Steel Panther Frame
Prowling BMX tracks, easily preying on weaker Asian varieties, the American Steel Panther is King of the CrMo race frame jungle. And unlike it’s predecessors the 38 Special and Speedwagon, it’s not named after a cheesy rock band from the 80’s. Some notable improvements from the Speedwagon include: Additional bend...

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WeThePeople Battleship Frame
Wethepeople designed the Battleship frame to be a stripped down weapon without any unnecessary features, so the frame will come fully brakeless to help keep the cost down, which will allowed them to put more focus into more vital parts like the dropouts and headtube which have been severely beefed up....

£319.99 £287.99

WeThePeople Utopia Hybrid BMX Frame 2021
WeThePeople Utopia Hybrid BMX Frame The original flatland inspired UTOPIA line is reborn! After 8 years, WTP are happy to offer a full revamp across the line including a full flatland UTOPIA frame, as well as this UTOPIA HYBRID frame; a flatland/street/skatepark crossbreed. Both frames utilise the same hydroformed tubing which have made Wethepeople's street...

£330.00 £324.99

United Prime Mover V2 BMX Frame
United Prime Mover V2 BMX Frame Continuing the partnership with Bicycle Union, United bring you the Prime Mover V2. Sticking to the tried and tested geometries of the previous model with only a few revisions like lowered bottom bracket height, revised graphics, chainstay removable brake mounts, and invest cast dropouts, this frame can...

£319.99 £294.99

KHE Maceto AD BMX Frame - White
KHE Maceto AD frame only. Specification: Headset: Integrated Bottom Bracket: Mid BB Top Tube Length: 20.6” Chainstay Length: 13.5” Head Tube Angle: 75° Seat Tube Angle: 71° Brake Mount Location: Seatstay (Removable) Dropouts: 14mm

£249.99 £134.99

Cult Dak Cactus Frame - Black
Cult Dak Cactus Frame - Black Dakota Roche signature frame. Made from revised 100% cult classic tubing for increased strength. Top and down tube gussets with with embossed Cult and Dak logos. Integrated head tube. Externally machined Mid bottom bracket shell. Investment cast seatpost clamp. Investment cast seatstay bridge. Tapered seatstays...

£319.99 £309.99

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Fly Bikes Savanna 3 BMX Frame
Material : 100% 4130 Japanese Chromoly / SeamlessInternal and external gussets / Tapered toptube, seat and chainstays / Heat-treated gussets and stays bridgesCNC machined headtube / Heat-treated / 113mm tall / Drilled for gyro tabsInvestment Cast dropouts / Heat-treated / 6mm thick / Integrated chain tensioners / For 14mm diameter axles...

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Tall Order 360 Frame - ED Black
Tall Order 360 Frame - ED Black The new 360 frame maintains the high quality that Tall Order has become known for but at a more affordable price for the up and coming rippers. The geometry sits comfortable in the middle of the popular 215 and 187 with a 13" back...

£219.99 £209.99

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Cult 2 Short IC Frame - Black
Cult 2 Short IC Frame - Black * 2 Short made from revised 100% cult classic tubing * * SUPER short quick responsive back end * top and down tube gussets * * integrated headtube * externally machined mid BB shell * * investment cast seatpost clamp and seatstay bridge *...

£319.99 from £279.99

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Terrible One Ruban Alcantara BMX Frame
Ruben Alcantara's signature frame from T1 featuring classic geometry, offset headtube thickness and tapered seatstays and chainstays.We can't guarantee this frame will give you Rubens style but it is a step in the right direction.Top Tube 20.5", 20.75", 21", 21.25 and 21.5"Head Tube Angle 74°Seat Tube Angle 71°Stand Over Height...

£389.99 £374.99

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BSD ALVX AF Frame 2019
HOLIDAY SALE! 25% OFF! The BSD ALVX AF is the latest incarnation of the ALVX frame, this new version features a super tech invest cast chainstay yoke which gives even more tire clearance as well as stiffening up the rear triangle. Your wheel can be slammed at an extremely short 12.5"...

£334.99 £239.99

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