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BSD Safari BMX Pedals
BSD Safari BMX Pedals Introducing the Reed Stark signature Safari Pedal. Reed has been talking about this pedal idea for as long as he’s been on BSD. He noticed that when a bike falls to the ground, the corner pins on plastic pedals grind and break off. The Safari pedal...


Fly Bikes Ruben Graphite Plastic Pedals
The Fly Bikes Ruben Pedal is Ruben Alcantara's signature pedal. These pedals are made from strong Nylon and Fiber Glass compound creating a slimmer plastic pedal whilst allowing for a sharper knurling giving you better grip. Website: Specifications Brand: Fly Bikes Colour:  Black, Rubber, White, Military Green, Red, Tan, Grey...

£25.99 from £14.99

Odyssey OG 'JCPC' Pedals
Odyssey OG 'JCPC' Pedals The OG JCPC pedals are made from proprietary plastic composite and feature a 2 piece body that is sandwiched together around the hollow chromoly spindle. Holding the 2 piece body together is 16 metal pins which also act as studs for grips (these pedals are very...

£49.99 from £34.99

Odyssey Twisted PRO Pedals
Odyssey Twisted PRO Pedals While staying true to the original Twisted style, the Twisted PRO offers a significantly larger body shape, slimmer height and more concave while still being built around a traditional loose-ball bearing configuration Size - 9/16"

£19.99 from £19.49

BSD Jonesin' BMX Pedals
The Jonesin’ pedal is the little brother of the Safari pedal, designed using the same basic principles of extra hexagonal studs and a true dual concave DX style platform but with a slimmer body for a closer to the axle feel.– True dual concave design– Knurled surface for extra grip–18 optimally...


Odyssey Grandstand Pedals
The new Odyssey Grandstand pedals are Tom Dugan's signature pedal by Odyssey. They come in Black or clear and feature a wider platform compared to the original Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal. A perfect choice for all round riding.

£23.99 £21.59

Odyssey Twisted BMX Pedals
Odyssey Twisted BMX Pedals One of the most successful and popular pedals, and for good reason. The original Twisted PC is extremely simple, lightweight, inexpensive and famously durable plastic-bodied design. Often duplicated but never replicated. Features High-strength nylon composite 16 pins per side Traditional looseball bearings Chromoly spindle Specs Spindle: 9/16" or 1/2"Width: 98mmLength: 89mm

£21.99 from £18.99

Odyssey Trailmix Pedals
The Trailmix Pedal is the lighter version of the original Jim Cielencki pedal. It's aimed a trail riders generally, this is because it features longer pins, slimmer bridges and a knurl-free gripping surface. The pedals also have have a 17mm hex-end and can also be tightened using a 6mm allen...

£43.99 from £38.49

WeThePeople Logic Pedal
WeThePeople Logic Pedal Large platform pedal from Wethepeople. With a super strong chromoly spindle, Slim profile design with oversize square pins for a more durable and longer lasting grip. Used by most of the WTP team so you know these pedals are going to last! Weight: 391g (13.72oz)

£17.99 £16.99

Eclat Contra PC Pedals
Eclat Contra Pedals When it came to designing the Contra pedal, Eclat were having trouble keeping the pedal profile thin while not sacrificing the strength of the spindle. Instead of taking an ‘off-the-shelf’ spindle, they went and developed their own custom option which uses a smaller caged bearing, but stays thicker...


Eclat AK Pedals
Eclat AK Pedals Eclat have been working on a very unique pedal concept designed specifically for street riders for some time now, and when Alex Kennedy joined the PRO ranks last year, he was the perfect rider to tie the project together and help Eclat further develop their strongest pedal yet. Pedals...

£52.99 £49.99

Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals
Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals The Colony Fantastic Plastic BMX Pedals would have to be one of the most sought after plastic pedals available.Run by many pro's around the world as they have a large comfortable platform all whilst being super lightweight. Super lightweight design. Very affordable & shin friendly BMX...

£19.99 £18.99

Eclat Centric PC Pedals
Eclat Centric Pedals This one has been in the works for a while. With many of the Eclat team enjoying the increased responsiveness and feel that a shorter crank arm offers, Eclat looked into the possibility of also moving the pedal body closer to the bottom bracket to achieve a...


Haro SD Plastic Pedals Sealed Bearing Black
SD PLASTIC PEDALS Designed, tested and ridden by Dennis Enarson, the SD pedal is the perfect durable, low profile plastic pedal for the all-round BMX ripper. The SD pedal features squared off pins so this pedal can retain grip while holding up to crank arm slides and pedal grinds. Complete...

£49.99 £44.99

Odyssey Grandstand V2 Alloy Pedals - Black
The new Odyssey Grandstand V2 pedal features a unique slim profile, a wide platform and a comfortable concave that feels exceptional as soon as you set foot on it. The pedal features a unique bearing configuration that allows a big spindle to be paired with a slim pedal body. Available in Black only.*Red body...

£39.99 £34.99

S&M 101 BMX Pedals
S&M 101 BMX Pedals Cast alloy platform with reinforcements to prevent breakage. Combination of molded and replaceable pins for dialing in just the right amount of traction.Specs:Lightweight, strong alloy bodiesCompact 101mm square platformsScrew-in tapered steel traction pinsFewer traction pins to reduce weightHeat-treated & oxide-coated chromoly spindles (9/16” only)Precision ball bearingsRecessed dust shieldsWeight:...

£37.99 £35.39

Odyssey Trailmix Alloy Sealed Pedals Black
Odyssey Trailmix Alloy Sealed Pedals Black Sealed lighter-weight version of the original Jim Cielencki pedal that leans more toward trails riding with its longer pins, slimmer bridges, and knurl-free gripping surface. The pedals also feature new 17mm hex-end spindle wrench flats that will accept the width of most adjustable sockets....

£79.99 £63.99

Demolition Trooper AL Pedals
Slim extruded and machined, 6061 T6 aluminum platform body.  Horizontally concaved body for extra grip. 10 removable flush mount pins on each side.  CNC, machined heat treated CRMO spindle and 2 polycarbonate bushings keeps this pedal running for years to come. Features: Sold in Pairs 2 Bushings for Extended Life...

£109.99 £99.99

Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals
Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals Demolition Trooper Nylon Pedals made from Nylon and designed and tested by Demolition team riders. Designed With Team Input 10 Square Molded Pins Horizontal Concave for Grip Nylon Plastic Body for Extra Life 2 Unsealed Bearings Heat Treated CRMO Spindle 9/16"


Animal Hamilton Alloy Pedals Unsealed
Animal Hamilton Alloy Pedals Unsealed Steven Hamiltons signature pedals are a simple and strong design that is available with either sealed or unsealed bearings. The traction pins screw in from the underside of the pedal and come in different lengths to fine tune the desired grip level.


Tioga MX Comp Pedals
Tioga MX Comp Pedals Modeled after the original MX-PRO pedal body, the MX-COMP is made more economical with a cast alloy body and loose-ball bearings. If your riding style is less aggressive, the MX-Comp is a budget friendly choice. FEATURES: 6061-T6 Die-Cast Alloy Body Ball Bearings Chromoly Axle 440g L:...


Tioga D-Spyder Pedals
Tioga D-Spyder Pedals Tioga’s newest street/dirt/trail pedal is also their most durable. To keep the pedal profile as low as possible for maximum manoeuvrability, the D-Spyder incorporates an industry first TRPL3 bearing axle, three small diameter sealed bearings, to better disperse stress that’s typically concentrated in a small area. The...


Tall Order Catch Pedal - Black 9/16"
Tall Order Catch Pedal - Black 9/16" Nylon plastic body 9/16" thread with heat treated axle Colour: Black


Eclat Surge CNC Pedals
Eclat Surge CNC Pedals Built around a fully sealed bushing system to save weight, the Surge alloy pedal is constructed of 6066 CNC alloy, it features a low-profile slender design and cro-mo spindle. Built to last, the Surge pedal set comes complete with a set of replaceable pins and nylon impact ring....

£119.99 £108.99

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