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Odyssey Springfield Brake Kit
The Odyssey Springfield brake kit is a full brake setup from Odyssey containing everything you need to fit a working brake to your BMX in minutes. These are by far the easiest and quickest brake setups on the BMX market. The kit includes a Springfield Brake, Springfield Lever (RH but...

£39.99 £35.99

Sunday Zipline Linear BMX Cable
The Linear Zipline uses a whole new housing technology that makes it as strong as all the other non-Odyssey Linear cables on the market today. The new technology has allowed us to remove the traditional mesh look that you find with other Linear cables. It has also allowed us to...

£11.99 £5.89

Odyssey Slic BMX Cable
The Odyssey Slic cable is a standard straight brake cable with a teflon coated inner wire for better performance. Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, White, Red or Blue

£4.99 £4.49

Odyssey A Brake Pads - Black
Odyssey A-Brake Pads are general purpose brake pads designed specifically to fit standard BMX rims. Easy to toe-in so you can get great pad to rim contact

£7.99 £6.49

Odyssey G3 Lower Gyro BMX Cable
The Odyssey lower Gyro cable goes from the lower part of your Gyro to the brake bridge located just before your brake. It's a universal fit and comes long enough to cut down to the right size. The new G3 has improved rubber plastic ends, an improved fit and better...


Odyssey G3 Full BMX Gyro Kit
Odyssey G3 Full BMX Gyro Kit The Odyssey Gyro G3 Detangler is a low cost Gyro setup that includes everything to get your Gyro setup going. In the G3 kit there is the Gyro components including the upper and lower gyro, upper and lower cables and cable stops. The kit...

£23.99 from £20.99

Odyssey Monolever BMX Lever - Black
The Odyssey Monolever is designed to be run with two fingers on the medium or one finger on the small and is shaped to perfection. The Monolever is hinged, eliminating the annoyance of taking your grip off to slide the lever on. The Hinged Lever can also be installed on...

£25.99 £23.99

Proper Clear Brake Pads
These are the exact same pads that came on Propers Magnalite brakes and took over the world of braking a few years back. Soft compound for ultimate stopping power. Supplied with black hardware.

£7.99 £6.99

Alone BMX Brake Lee-ver
The Alone Brake Lee-ver is a hinged lever available in both Left or Right hand. It's a medium length lever at an outstanding price compared with most other levers on the market today.  Website: Specifications Brand: Alone Colour: Black Colour: Left Hand or Right Hand

£9.99 £8.99

Odyssey Springfield BMX Brake
Odyssey Springfield BMX Brake The Springfield brake is Odyssey's new budget brake and comes with the all new Ghost pads. The brake itself including pads is super light and is one of the most simple brake setups to install. There's no setting up of springs like average brakes. Available in...

£25.99 from £20.99

Odyssey Linear Slic BMX Cable
The Odyssey Linear brake cables were a break through in cable design. They have an outer cable that is wound laterally meaning when you spin your bars the brake doesn't come on. The cable can be twisted several times around the stem without the brake quality being impaired. They are...

£11.99 £10.79

Odyssey G3 Upper Gyro Cable
The Upper Gyro G3 from Odyssey goes from your brake lever down to the upper Gyro. It has been redesigned for a improved fit and better function. The Short and Long version are only available in Black. Measure from your lever to the (pivot point) to the upper gyro to...


Odyssey M2 Medium Monolever Lever and Cable
The Odyssey M2 Lever has progressed from the earlier Monolever. The M2 levers are different from the Monolever in that they have a unique larger barrel adjuster, this allows the use of the Patented dual Gyro cables. The M2 offers one of the most efficient Gyro setups and comes with...

£34.99 £27.49

Vocal BMX Gyro Plate
Replacement gyro plate made of alloy for maximum rigidity. Comes in either a flat or rise version.

£10.99 from £9.89

Dia-Compe Magic U-Brake
Magic 997 U-brake Budget priced cast alloy brake caliper with high performance function.V-type soft pads.Dual Spring Tension adjustment.Universal - Fits Front or Rear. Black

£17.99 £16.99

Odyssey Evo 2 Hanger
Odyssey Evo 2 cable hanger.  

£14.99 £11.99

Odyssey Adjustable Quik Slic BMX Cable
The Quik Slic is a patent pending, all-in-one, cable design. This means that the cable, cable hanger and straddle cable are all manufactured as one unit. In addition to providing an incredibly easy assembly, the braking response is greatly improved as a result of eliminating the traditional cable “bend” and...

£16.99 from £15.99

Firma BMX Brake Lever
Firma hinged brake lever 6061 Alloy Lever with laser etched Firma logo Available in either Left or Right hand side Sold as Singles Black Only


Odyssey London Mod
The London Mod from Odyssey bolts onto your Cable guide on your frame allowing you to run two regular cables as a dual cable set up on your Gyro instead of the regular splitter.


Odyssey EVO 2.5 Brake
The Odyssey Evo 2.5 Brake gives you all the same great features as the very popular Odyssey Evo 2 brake but now with more clearance for today bigger tires.   Odyssey builds the Evo 2.5 Brake up form forged aluminum to keep them tough yet cost effective.  Updated design with more...

£64.99 from £52.99

Odyssey Quik Slic Brake Cable
As the name implies, this new version can be easily adjusted to cover 3 different lengths by utilizing the cable’s unique straddle interface connection. This tool-free feature allows the Adjustable Quik Slic Kable® to be a one-size-fits-all cable for virtually every braking configuration.  Specs: Adjustable hanger slot allows upper cable...

£13.99 from £12.99

Dia-Compe Tech 77 BMX Brake Lever
These levers have been around for years. They're still a favourite amongst many riders even today. Back in the day the usually thing to do was take 2 ring end spanners and bend to the desired shape. But, be careful doing this as they can snap (you are bending metal)....

£14.99 £12.99

Dia-Compe Dirt Harry Lever
Dirt Harry (Tech99D) lever.Double bent blade version of the Tech 99 BMX lever.Double bend suites more "Dirt" style BMX H-bars.Forged alloy hinged 22.2mm or 25.4mm* clamp.Cold forged double bent lever blade.Top bolt knee friendly clamp.(*Note: 25.4mm clamp with sleeve shims to 22.2mm)Sold EACH - Right or Left Hand.

£21.99 from £20.89

Odyssey EVO 2 BMX Brake
The Odyssey Evo 2 U-Brake has pre-forged arms for maximised strength and durability. The forged arms are much lighter and stronger than most brake on the market. The Evolver 2 Brake comes with cable set screws, cable lugs, straddle cable, Odyssey straddle hanger, front cable adaptor, two sets of springs...

£59.99 £53.99

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