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Blank Generation TSC BMX Cranks
The Blank Generation TSC Cranks feature a Tapered Spindle Clamping system allowing it to do away with those unsightly pinch bolts, making it lighter and more ‘ankle friendly’. Features: Crank Arm Material: 100% 4130 CrMo, 31.8mm square tube designAxle Material: 4130 CrMo 19mm, 8 spline spindleLeft and right-hand drive compatibleIncludes its own...

£59.99 from £54.99

Odyssey Thunderbolt+ Cranks
The Thunderbolt+ is the tried and true Thunderbolt cranks, but now it includes a Mid BB and updated graphics! The Thunderbolt is one of the most technically advanced crank designs on the market. Due to continued advancements in the legendary 41-Thermal® processing and heat-treatment system, fatigue life has been increased...

£184.99 from £172.99

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks
Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks The Thunderbolt cranks are Odyssey's latest cranks on the market. The Thunderbolt cranks are the descendant of the Wombolt and Twombolt cranks. These cranks have proved themselves in the BMX market being one of the lightest, yet strongest cranks out there. They have been laboratory tested and...

£179.99 from £134.99

Sunday Saker V2 Cranks
The Saker Cranks are designed to be an affordable 3-pc crank with tubular chromoly arms that have a single pinch bolt design. It uses a 19mm chromoly spindle with 8 splines. The cranks include a 19mm Mid BB with spacers. RHD/LHD compatible. Comes in black or chrome. Features Tubular CRMO...

£89.99 from £74.99

Profile 22mm Column Crankset
-No boss only-Arm weight (for the set): 20.14 ounces/608 grams-22mm chromo GDH spindle with 10mm aluminium bolts: 8 ounces/228 grams-22mm Crank Tool Included.-Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser. Specifications Brand: Profile Racing Colour: Black, Chrome Crank Length: 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm, 180mm

£201.50 from £181.35

Federal Vice 2 24mm Cranks - Chrome
REDUCED PRICE DUE TO SLIGHT COSMETIC FLAW Federal Vice 2 24mm Cranks - Chrome The spindle and arms are both made from heat-treated 4130 Chromoly. Featuring a unique radius box section, internally machined 24mm hollow 48-spline spindle, angular arms to assist crank slides and an embossed "F" logo. Supplied with...

£164.99 £119.99

WeThePeople Logic Cranks
The Logic cranks from Wethepeople are a no nonsense super tough crank set tested by the Wethepeople team for the past year. Using super tough dent resistant square arms and a robust 3pc design, The Logic 22mm spindle keeps things strong whilst shaving off a few grams! Includes a Wethepeople Compact...

£149.99 £134.99

Profile Race Cranks
Profile have been the most elite brand for 3-piece cranks for the last 15 or more years now. These cranks are made in the USA. The arms are made from 4130 chromoly and the spindle is a heat treated gun drilled hollow 4130, 48 splined spindle Still the best cranks...

£173.99 from £156.59

Fit Bike Co Blunt 24mm Cranks
Fit Bike Co Blunt 24mm Cranks Strong cranks that can withstand grinds and don’t cut ankles. Complete Bottom Bracket included. Investment cast “Blunt” spindle bosses and flush mount bolts eliminate sharp edges that cut rider’s ankles. Our concave “Indented” and swaged 100% heat-treated CrMo arms increase strength and dent resistance...

£189.99 £172.99

Odyssey Twombolt BMX Cranks White LHD 175mm
The Odyssey Twombolt cranks are a 2pc crank set designed for strength and weight savings. The Twombolt is made from 41Thermal chromoly. The drive side crank is permanently attached to the spindle for ultimate strength. 6-sided wedge cluster offers easy installment and includes a light weight hollow spindle bolt. Available...

£149.99 £124.99

Cult 19mm Crew Cranks - Chrome
Cult 19mm Crew Cranks - Chrome Wrap around gusset design. 3 piece tubular design with heat-treated swaged Chromoly arms, 1 piece spindle/ sprocket boss, 19mm hollow Chromoly spindle with 48 splines and a single flush mount hollow spindle bolt. Weight 0.870kg/ 1lb 15oz Spec Wrap around gusset design3 piece tubular...

£159.99 £153.99

BSD Substance XL Cranks
Substance XL cranks use a single bolt design 2.5pc crank with hefty 24mm XL spindle and a flush boss design eliminating sharp edges around the ankles. Weight : 1.9 lbs

£149.99 from £134.99

Animal Akimbo BMX Cranks
Designed with the help of FEA to be a set of extremely strong, but not overbuilt, 3 piece cranks, the Akimbo cranks have 175mm arms with a smooth shape with a laser etched logo and are made with heattreated 4130 chromoly. The 22mm, 48 spline hollow spindle attaches to the...

£179.99 £172.99

Premium 1948 BMX Cranks - Chrome 175mm
Premium 1948 BMX Cranks The Premium 1948, 3-piece cranks feature seamless 4130 heat-treated Cr-Mo arms with wrap around pedal gussets for increase strength and durability. These cranks use the classic 19mm, 48-spline, heat-treated hollow Cr-Mo spindle and flush mount bolts. 3pc Chromoly crank 4130 chromoly unbossed 48 spline crank arms ...

£169.99 £164.99

Cult 22mm Hawk V2 Cranks - Chrome
Cult 22mm Hawk V2 Cranks - Chrome Chase Hawk Signature The Hawk 22mm cranks are fully heat-treated and feature 4130 Chromoly crank arms made with custom forged tubing, investment cast oversized spindle bosses and a wraparound spindle gusset for increased strength and rigidity. A 22mm hollow Chromoly spindle and hollow...

£174.99 £159.99

Cult 19mm Crew Cranks - Black
Cult 19mm Crew Cranks - Black Wrap around gusset design. 3 piece tubular design with heat-treated swaged Chromoly arms, 1 piece spindle/ sprocket boss, 19mm hollow Chromoly spindle with 48 splines and a single flush mount hollow spindle bolt. Weight 0.870kg/ 1lb 15oz Spec Wrap around gusset design3 piece tubular...

£154.99 £149.99

Fly Bikes Dolmen 2 24mm Cranks
Fly Bikes Dolmen 2 Cranks Full Heat treated 4130 CrMo 1 piece invest cast arms with bent resistant D-shape. 2.5 pc spindle design. Invest casting spindle boss. CNC machined spindle bolt with recessed allen head hex. 22 or 24mm spindles versions LHD or RHD compatible

£179.99 £156.99

Profile Boss-Less Race Crank Arms
Replacement arms for Profile Racing 3-piece chromoly race crankset - as long as you have a race style 19mm 48 splined axle you can change sizes or replace old arms.Crank Arm Weight (per set).145mm: 493g/17.35oz160mm: 527/18.55oz165mm: 549g/19.35oz170mm: 550g/19.4oz175mm: 560g/19.75oz180mm: 578g/20.4oz

from £115.99

Shadow Odin Cranks - Black
Introducing the Mark Burnett signature Shadow Odin Cranks. Built with new proprietary shape, The Shadow Conspiracy "Odin Mark Burnett" BMX Crank is strong, stiff and slim. Designed with flat sides to be ankle friendly, while the rounded top is ideal for crank slides. Minimal crank offset to keep your feet more centered...

£199.99 £191.99

Fiend Segment Cranks - Black
Fiend Segment Cranks - Black Heat-treated Chromoly spindle and arms. Featuring a proprietary wedge system, one piece sprocket/ spindle boss, rectangular arms and flush mounting spindle bolt. Weight 0.954kg/ 2lbs 2oz Spec 3 piece design featuring proprietary internal wedge3 piece heat-treated Chromoly arms1 piece spindle/sprocket bosses22mm hollow heat-treated Chromoly 48...

£174.99 £163.99

United Severance Cranks
The design of the Severance cranks has been kept slim, clean and simple to create classic looking arms without any fancy gimmicks, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. By hollowing out the 22mm spindle as much as possible and creating arms with a shape to offer greater bend...

£149.99 from £137.24

Fit Indent 19mm Cranks with BB
Fit Indent 19mm cranks are made from 4130 chromoly and feature fits new oversized 19mm hollow spindle which helps to increase stiffness and to prevent the spindle from twisting. These cranks also feature fits concaved crank arms which increases the arms strength and make them more dent resistant. The cranks are RHD/LHD compatible...


WeThePeople Legacy Cranks
The WTP team crank uses a super tough 2 1/2 piece construction, a larger 22mm spindle and square shaped chromoly arms to maximise strength. WTP looked at areas where other branded cranks often failed and toughened up areas like the pedal boss with its own investment cast gusset, to beef...


Profile Bossless Race Cranks
Profile NoBoss cranks are exactly the same as our Race Cranks, with the sole exception that they lack a boss to bolt a sprocket onto them. They require you to run a Spline Drive Sprocket or Spider. They can also be used for left or right hand drive. The crank kit comes...

£174.65 from £157.19

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