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Shadow Sabotage Guard Sprocket
The new Shadow BMX Sabotage Sprocket is a 25 tooth thick alloy sprocket with a moulded plastic guard to be able to take plenty of abuse from street riding without damaging your chain. The plastic guard comes bolted to the sprocket using four alloy 5mm bolts and can be easily...

£44.99 £42.74

Odyssey Vermont Sprocket
The Vermont sprocket is a super popular sprocket from Odyssey. The Vermont is tough, durable and long lasting. Since it's introduction it has been rider tested and has had great reviews.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, Polished or Gold Size: 23T, 25T, 27T, 28T or 30T Weight: 68g

£39.99 £35.99

Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket
The La Guardia is CNC Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and features Odyssey's Incisor tooth pattern for improved chain engagement and has a 23.8mm centre, includes 19mm sprocket adapter and weighs 130g for the 25T model.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, Black/Silver or Polished Size: 25T or 28T Weight: 25T= 130g

£69.99 from £57.99

Sunday Sabretooth V2 Sprocket
Sunday Sabretooth V2 Sprocket The Sunday Sabretooth V2 sprocket is a 6mm (1/4″) thick 6061-T6 aluminium sprocket that is available in a variety of sizes. THICKNESS: 6mm (1/4″) SIZES: 25T, 27T, 28T or 30T

£32.99 £26.99

Odyssey Burlington Sprocket
While the 44-16 can be directly achieved down to a 25-9, many riders have chosen to “gear-up” which means higher top speeds and help during roll backs. If you look at two of the most high speed riders out there, Gary Young and Chase Hawk, they are both geared up,...

£39.99 £35.99

Terrible One Logan Runs Sprocket
Terrible One Logan Runs Sprocket 7075 Machined Aluminium sprocket from T1. The Logan Runs Sprocket is 6mm thick and comes with 2 adapters to fit 19mm or 22mm crank spindles.

£59.99 £56.49

Odyssey Fang Tom Dugan Sprocket
The Odyssey Fang is Tommy Dugan's new signature sprocket. It's CNC'd for extra radness and strength. It features Odyssey's Incisor tooth pattern for improved chain engagement.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black or Polished Size: 25T, 28T or 30T Weight: 70g

£59.99 £53.99

WeThePeople Patrol Sprocket
Much like the rest of the Patrol Range, the Patrol Sprocket is based on the classic racing sprockets of the past. WTP uses a high-quality full CNC construction and offset teeth for a perfect chain line. Material: full CNC 6061-T6 alloy Thickness: 6.35mm Sizes: 25T, 28T Special Features: classic trails...

£44.99 £42.99

United Rotary Sprocket
The New United Rotary Sprocket.  Material : 3D CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminium.Colour : Black, Raw or Polished.Sprocket Size : 25t 28t 30t 33t options available.Weight : 25t Weight: 70g CNC machines logo with sizing. 6.35mm Thickness. 23.8mm centre bore which is compatible on cranks with 19, 22 & 24mm spindles.

£39.99 £34.99

WeThePeople Logic Sprocket
WeThePeople Logic Sprocket The WeThePeople team series sprocket features a CNC Machined design and logo, constructed from 6061-T6 Alloy and thick 6.35mm design. CNC'd from 6061-T6 alloy 6.35mm thick 25t or 28t CNC'd design and logo Bore hole is 23.8mm without adapter 19mm and 22mm adapters included Pressed center hole and...

£34.99 from £32.99

Sunday Knox V2 Sprocket
Sunday Knox V2 Sprocket The Sunday Knox V2 is made of 7075-T6 aluminium and continues the legacy of their original guard sprocket. Featuring refined machining geometry for a sleeker look, and designed to work with and protect all chains from unwanted impact. Features CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminium Full guard with...

£59.99 £52.99

Odyssey Utility Pro Sprocket
The new Utility Pro Sprocket is Odyssey's new guard sprocket. The plastic guard is replaceable and removable, revealing a classic and clean sprocket underneath. Run it with or without the guard. The choice is yours. PC guard/bolts also available separately. Features CNC’d 7075 Aluminum Removable injection-molded plastic bash guard Compatible with...

£54.99 from £42.99

Proper Magnalite sprocket (spline drive) - Blue 25T
Proper Magnalite sprocket (spline drive) - Blue 25T The classic Proper sprocket. CNCed from 7075 alloy for the best possible durability. 19mm spline drive version to fit classic Profile cranks, Vocal cranks, Ilegal cranks etc.

£49.99 £36.99

Fly Bikes Tractor Sprocket
7075 CNC machined aluminium. 6mm thick. 19, 22 and 24mm spindle compatible (adaptors included). 80g/2.8oz (25T). Flat Black, Flat Brown, Space Grey or Misty Silver.

£69.99 from £44.99

Eclat AK Guard Sprocket
Eclat AK Guard Sprocket The Alex Kennedy signature AK Guard received a lot of attention when Eclat debuted it at Interbike back in September 2015. A concept that was spawned from his signature pedal; Eclat wanted to take the robust nylon construction of the AK pedal and apply it to a full guard sprocket. The...


Odyssey Chase Hawk C-512 Sprocket
ODYSSEY Sprocket Hawk INC-512 Chase Hawk signature sprocket. 7005 Aluminium Incisor tooth profile improved chain engagement. Weight 94 grams

£47.99 £43.19

Colony Endeavour Sprocket
Colony Endeavour Sprocket The Colony Endeavour BMX Sprocket that comes on most of Colony's complete bikes is now available separately! Good quality sprocket at a great price. 6061 Alloy. 25T only. Available in Black, Polished, Pink & Rainbow. Weight 56g (1.97oz).


Eclat Elevate Guard Sprocket
Eclat Elevate Guard Sprocket The Elevate Guard Sprocket is Eclat's new “team designed” solid sprocket, which uses the same VIPER Nylon Fiberglass bash guard and patented interface that made their AK guard such a successful and game changing product. For riders preferring the look of a solid sprocket but with the advantages...


Animal V4 Guard Sprocket
The latest version of the popular Security Guard  from Animal Bikes in 25 or 28 teeth. Featuring a 6 spoke design, 2 sprocket bolt holes and a full metal guard that recesses for the crank arm 25t or 28t available Made from 7075-T6 alloy Offset tooth profile for optimal chainline.


WeThePeople Pathfinder Sprocket Guard
WeThePeople Pathfinder Sprocket Guard Bolt-on bash guard specifically for the Pathfinder sprocket, unique super strong sprocket bolt interface includes 4x hollow bolts for attachment.  Felix went to WTP with a unique idea for a sprocket which was much thicker than anything else we had done before. we were instantly stoked...

£39.99 £35.99

WeThePeople Pathfinder Guard Sprocket
Felix Prangenburg's signature sprocket is now available with a bolt-on Alloy bash guard, with a strong sprocket bolt interface, including 4 hollow sprocket bolts for attachment. Felix went to WTP with a unique idea for a sprocket which was much thicker than anything else we had done before. we were instantly...

£84.99 £76.49

WeThePeople Pathfinder Sprocket
Felix went to WTP with a unique idea for a sprocket which was much thicker than anything else we had done before. we were instantly stoked on the idea and worked with him to make it a reality.  The Pathfinder sprocket is 8mm thick and uses a unique 9 sided...

£49.99 £44.99

Relic Rotax BMX Sprocket
New Rotax sprocket from Relic!Clint Reynolds Signature,Material: 7075 T6 ALThickness: 6mmWeight: 110g15/16" hole, 19mm and 22mm adapters included,1/8" wide teeth,Black or Raw,Available in 28t,30t, 33t and 36t

£59.99 £57.49

Cult NWO Sprocket - Black
Cult NWO Sprocket - Black Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminium Alloy to be simultaneously light and strong. Weight 0.075kg/ 2.6oz (25 tooth)0.091kg/ 3.2oz (28 tooth) Spec Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminium for maximum strengthBored to 24mmSupplied with 19mm and 22mm spindle spacers

£44.99 £41.49

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