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Animal Inverse BMX Stem
The Animal Inverse Top load stem - 6061 Aluminum, 48mm reach, 22mm rise upright/10mm rise inverted, solid bolts, top and bottom logos, 11.2 oz.  

£69.99 £63.99

Sunday Freeze BMX Stem
Sunday new affordable stem. The Freeze stem is made from forged 6061-T6 aluminium to keep the price down and features a 52mm length and a 34mm rise to maximize bar height. Website: Specifications Brand: Sunday Colour: Black or Raw Reach: 52mm Weight: 298g

£29.99 from £26.99

Sunday Freeze V2 Topload Stem
The Sunday Freeze stems now come in a range of translucent colours. The Freeze stem is made from 6061-T6 Aluminium and forged keeping the costs down.   Website: Specifications Brand: Sunday Colour: Black, Raw, Bright Red, High Polished, Trans Black, Trans Blue Size: 48mm Weight: 298 grams

£29.99 from £26.99

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Kink Bold HRD Stem
Balancing design, materials and manufacturing techniques allow the Kink Bold HRD to truly be a solid and affordable stem. The die-cast aluminum body is paired with a forged 6061-T6 aluminum cap, providing additional strength. A counter bore in the stem body allows the fork cap bolt to thread down flush...

£25.99 £24.69

Animal Highline BMX Stem
Top Load BMX stem from Animal. The Highline stem from Animal is made from Forged 6061 Aluminum Construction. Specs: Reach: 50mm Rise: 35mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: TBC

£44.99 from £42.49

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Shadow Odin Top Load Stem
Working on the design of the Odin Stem with Mark Burnett, Shadow wanted it to really cater to the modern rider . Rider’s are going taller and taller with their handlebar heights so it was only appropriate to design a stem that would allow riders to sustain this taller handlebar...

£42.99 £40.84

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Federal Element Top Load Stem
The Federal Element top load stem is made using cold forged process which keeps the strength up at a more affordable price.Specs: Reach: 50mm Rise: 32mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm

£34.99 £32.99

United Purge BMX Stem
Every one knows that re-setting your bars is the worst possible thing. It takes forever for your mind to agree that the bars feel how they did before slipping. We wanted to design a stem that clamped tight and evenly at that. We had seen stem bolts snap from a...

£59.99 £39.49

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Subrosa Uplift Stem
6061 aluminum top load stem from Subrosa. Taking the beautiful aesthetic features of the popularHold Tight stem and shaping an entirely new beastto cover your handlebar clamping needs. The UpliftStem has a shortened 50mm reach to dial in your popon bunnyhops as well as providing extra clearance onbarspins. We've also...

£32.99 £31.34

WeThePeople Index Stem
The new WTP Index stem stem offers a taller 16mm rise, which allows you to run your bars as high as some topload stems, without having to compromise on the clean and simple frontload look. The wider 48mm faceplate helps provides secure and safe clamping, and the sunken section on the...

£64.99 £58.49

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S&M Credence Turtleneck Stem
The S&M Credence stem is a slightly tweaked version of the S&M Challenger stem to suit Credence dudes style of riding. A hair longer and narrower than the original, with an internal cutout to lighten it up a little. Instant classic. Made from 6061-T6 alloy in the USA. Comes with...

£79.99 from £64.99

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Primo Down TL Stem - Black 48mm Reach
Primo Down TL Stem - Black 48mm Reach Signature stem from Stephen August.

£64.99 £61.99

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S&M Shredneck Stem
The latest incarnation of the Redneck has a shorter reach, slightly less drop and a simplified, clean look. A more refined "Redneck" if you will. Reach: 50mm Stack Height: 31.75mm Rise: 7mm (Upright), 24.75mm (Inverted) Weight: 11 oz.

£64.99 from £59.79

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Fit Van Homan BMX Stem
Specs: Reach: 53mm Stack Height: 28.5mm Rise: 24mm (upright), 6mm (inverted) Weight: 12.03oz Available in Black or Blood Red

£64.99 £62.19

Stranger Haze V2 Topload Stem
Top Load BMX stem from Stranger. The Haze V2 stem is forged from 6061-T6 aluminium. THis stem features a CNC machined logo and recessed top cap area.Specs: Reach: 50mm Rise: 30mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 306g (10.8oz)

£39.99 from £37.24

Primo Icon Top Load Stem
High rise top load stem from Primo. It features a recessed compression bolt area along with an extra wide clamp area to improve grip on todays larger handle bars.Specs: Reach: 50mm Rise: 36mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: 409g (11.99oz)

£54.99 from £52.24

BSD Stacked Stem
Full 6061-T6 CNC'd taller top load stem from BSD. The Stacked stem has been machined internally to save weight and comes with solid bolts. Specs: Reach: 50mmRise: 33mmWeight: 312g

£64.99 £59.47

Stranger Machine Stem
The Stranger Machine stem is a top load BMX stem that is fully CNC'd from 6061-T6 aluminium with minimal machining for extra strength and a recessed top cap area for that flush look. Website: Specifications Brand: Stranger Colour: Black, Polished or Oil Slick Reach: 50mm Rise: 30mm Weight: 305 grams

£54.99 from £52.24

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BSD Blackneck V2 Stem
Full 7075 CNC'd front load stem from BSD. The Blackneck stem has been machined internally to save weight and comes complete with hollow bolts. Website: Specifications Brand: BSD Colour: Black, Red, Purple, Gold or Blue Reach: 52mm Weight: 250g

£59.99 £39.99

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Blank Compound TL Stem Oil Slick
Blank's Compound TL BMX Stem - Rainbow will act as the lynchpin of your cockpit and ask for nothing in return. Featuring a distinctive design, this stem gains strength from the combination of melt-forged alloy and heat-treated M8 bolts. Features: Material: Melt-forged alloyNew smoother design with CNC'd logoHeat-treated M8 bolts35mm...

£31.99 £29.99

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Animal 20th Anniversary Jump Off FL Stem Black
Pre Order Stem - Arriving 9/10th June 2020. What better way to kick off the 20th year of Animal, than to reissue the original Jump Off stem. Original spec, design, and laser etched Animal logos with a 20 Year logo on top. Black Only


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Federal Hate Front Load Stem
Features: Designed specifically for Mark Love Recessed top to allow the fork cap to fit flush with the top of the stem. Front Load design. 52mm reach. 7.5mm rise.

£59.99 £56.99

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Blank Compound TL Stem
This Blank Compound TL V2 Stem is exactly what a stem should be: inexpensive and reliable. Featuring a classic design, this stem gains strength from the combination of melt-forged alloy and heat-treated M8 bolts. This Blank Compound TL V2 Stem will serve as the reliable lynchpin of your cockpit. Features:...

£19.99 from £17.99

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Odyssey Elementary Stem V2
The Elementary V2 BMX stem features Odyssey's single bolt clamping system that provides increased clamping power compared to the standard 6-bolt type. The grooved wedges keep the pressure even on the forks and bars, ensuring a reliable grip and simplifying the installation process. CNC machined to remove excess material keeps...

£49.99 £44.99

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