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Kenda 20" BMX Innertube
Quality Innertube made by the leading innertube and tyre maker - Kenda.

£5.99 £4.49

Odyssey MPEG BMX Pegs
The Odyssey MPEG's are made from heat treated 4140 chromoly to help keep the cost down. They feature a smaller overall length and diameter to help save weight and come with anti roll pins and axle converters so they will fit both 10mm and 14mm axles. Sold as pairs Website:...

£23.99 £19.99

BSD Donnasqueak BMX Tyres
Introducing the all new BSD ‘Alex D’ signature Donnasqueak tyre. BSD and Alex Donnachie have been working on the design of the tyre for a while now and wanted something with a simple, low profile tread and most importantly with a mega squeak (when you carve hard on wood). The...

£31.99 from £23.99

G-Sport Gland Front Hub Guard MK4
The MK 4 version continues the GLAND’s heritage, but in a smaller and sleeker overall size which should appease many riders. The images beside show the top, profile, and under side of each guard. Front or Rear options available Fits most hubs


G-Sport Uniguard Rear Hub Guard
The new Gsport Uniguard is a simple, inexpensive functional guard that eliminates the need to spread the dropouts. It’s made from Heat-Treated Cr-Mo Steel and is LHD and RHD compatible as well as Drive and Non-Drive compatible. All bases covered. Available in 14mm or 3/8″. ↓TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Heat Treated Cr-Mo...

£19.99 £17.99

Demolition Momentum BMX Tyres
The Demolition Momentum tyre is a super lightweight tyre with a wire bead with a high pressure rating allowing you to inflate the tyre to 110psi. It features a low profile rectangle tread pattern for grip on all terrains.  Website: Specifications Brand: Demoltion Colour: Black or Whitewall Beading: Wire Size: 2.2" or 2.35"...

£32.99 from £29.99

Animal GLH BMX Tyre
Animal GLH BMX Tyre The Animal GLH Tyre is an highly popular BMX tyre and features a strong, durable sidewall that lasts longer than most tyres i've ridden. It comes in three different sizes - 1.9", 2.1" and 2.3" and is perfect for street and park riding whilst holding up...

£39.99 from £37.99

Fly Bikes Ruben Rampera BMX Tyres
Ruben Alcantara designed tyre from Fly. This is the Rampera version of the tyre which features a shallower tread pattern for better rolling speed on ramp and street while still holding more than enough traction. Like all Fly tyres this features a Silkworm side wall which allows helps prevent pinch...

£29.99 from £27.49

BSD Donnastreet Tyre
BSD Donnastreet Tyre The Donnastreets are BSD's new tire, based on the same proven rubber as the popular Donnasqueak tires but with an all over smoother tread for more grip and sidewalls which sit further round the side of the tire wall for better grind performance…. – Smooth centre for low...

£31.99 from £27.44

Odyssey Aitken Street BMX Tyre
The Aitken Street tyre has proven one of Odyssey's most popular tyres. Its all round versatility allows it be used for street, park and even trails. This is the lighter version of the Aitken tyre due to the P-lyte sidewalls.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Beading: Wire Weight: 560g

£32.99 from £24.99

Fit FAF BMX Tyres
The FAF tyres are from Fit Bike and feature a puncture and tyre resistant construction. The 1.95", 2.1" and 2.3" have a shallow tread aimed at street riding, whereas the 2.25" has a more aggressive tread aimed at dirt and trail riding, but still more than capable of gripping the...

£35.99 from £23.99

Odyssey Path Pro Tyre
The Odyssey Path tyre would arguably be one of Odyssey's most popular tyres. With a slick centre and knured sides, the Odyssey Path Pro Tyre follows in its fathers footsteps. Updated with more contemporary sizes the Path Pro is available in either 2.25" or 2.40" widths.  Durable dual ply casing 100 psi 20x2.25", 20x2.40"

£34.99 £33.49

Shadow Strada Nuova LP Tyre
Simone Barraco’s signature Strada Nuova gets a bit of a make over with a new structural casing that allows this tyre to function better at lower air pressures. With the popularity of lower air pressure taking foot in modern day street riding, as well as being Simone’s personal preference, this...

£24.99 from £23.74

Eclat Venom BMX Pegs
The Venom peg uses a two-piece steel/plastic design based on the ‘classic sleeve’ system. Eclat's aim was to create a plastic sleeve peg with a diameter similar to a standard steel peg. This lead Eclat down the route of a steel/plastic design with a slim crmo inner peg wrapped in a generous...

£27.99 £25.99

G-Sport Van Pegs
The Van Homan pegs are made from super strong Steel as expected from G-sport. Designed and ridden by Van Homan these pegs feature a tough heat treated 4140 Cr-mo construction which has been reinforced in the middle for longer life. The Van Homan pegs also feature 3 rotation positions are...

£24.99 £19.99

Odyssey Air Supply Inner Tube
Odyssey Air Supply BMX tubes are specifically sized to fit modern BMX tyres, and they are manufactured with a stronger emphasis on quality versus simply chasing the lowest possible price. On average, the Air Supply BMX tube retains air significantly longer than others currently available on the market. This is...

£5.99 £5.39

G-Sport Gland Rear Hub Guard MK4
The MK 4 version continues the GLAND’s heritage, but in a smaller and sleeker overall size which should appease many riders. The images beside show the top, profile, and under side of each guard. Front or Rear options available Fits most hubs

£9.99 £9.49

Odyssey Path P-Lyte Tyre
Odyssey Path P-Lyte Tyre The Odyssey Path tyre is a street/ramp style tyre with a thick side wall and a fast yet smooth rolling tread. This tyre is a p-lyte tyre and weighs just 0.7kg.

£29.99 £21.99

G-Sport 10mm Female Bolts
G-Sport 10mm Female Bolts 10mm G-sport bolts for marmoset, simian and 10mm rachet hubs. These will fit most other 10mm female hubs except for Profile hubs.


Federal Freecoaster Replacement Cone Nut for Hubguards
Federal Freecoaster Replacement Cone Nut for Hubguards Replacement cone nuts for Federal v3/v4 Freecoasters, available in drive-side or non drive-side options.


BSD Jersey Barrier Hub Guard
The BSD Jersey Barrier is the original plastic and aluminium two piece hubguard. The dual material construction means it doesn’t tighten and crush bearings like regular alloy guards. The Jersey Barrier features a 7075 aluminium inner supporting a high density plastic guard. The plastic outer slides well unlike grippy alloy...

£23.99 from £16.99

Odyssey Dugan BMX Tyres
Tom likes to ride fast and go very high. These tyres were designed to help him do just that. Coming in at 20 X 2.3 and 20 X 2.4 with a fast centre tread, these are made for park, street and even dirt too. The side profile is reminiscent of...

£30.99 from £27.69

Fly Bikes Sergio Tyre
Fly Bikes Sergio Tyre Sergio Layos designed tyre from Fly. The Sergio tyre feature a directional dirt style tread which can be used with all styles of riding . Like all Fly tyres this features a Silkworm side wall which allows helps prevent pinch flats and is available in two...

£35.99 from £22.99

Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster Replacement Hubguard
Replacement hub guard for the Odyssey clutch hub. Plastic press fit designed for Clutch hub.

£9.99 £8.99

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