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Odyssey Broc Raiford Grips
The Odyssey Raiford grips are Broc Raiford's signature set of grips. Similar to the Odyssey cufflink grips they feature a low profile mushroom design and are 160mm in length. Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Length: 160mm

£9.99 from £8.99

S&M Hoder Grips
Mike Hoder’s signature grips are made in the USA by ODI from a Super Soft compound for the feel Mike wanted. At 31.5mm they are a little Bigger Than Most to help cushion some of Hoder’s infamous landings.


Cult x Vans Waffle Grips
The Vans waffle grip is designed by Cult and made by ODI in the USA from krayton soft rubber. The vans waffle design is a super comfortable grip with the quirky vans shoe design. These have been tried and tested by Waller BMX and we fully approve. Website: Specifications...

£13.99 £12.39

Sunday Zipline Linear BMX Cable
The Linear Zipline uses a whole new housing technology that makes it as strong as all the other non-Odyssey Linear cables on the market today. The new technology has allowed us to remove the traditional mesh look that you find with other Linear cables. It has also allowed us to...

£11.99 £5.89

Free Grips When Purchasing Handlebars
Free Grips with all Handlebars purchased online with Waller BMX.   Please note - The grips we send may vary from the image shown. They maybe a different brand, model or colour.


Cult 510 BMX Chain
The Cult 510 freestyle chain is a KMX 510 freestyle chain in disguise. The Cult 510 chain has a teflon coating and is stamped with the Cult logo. It features Heat-Treated riveted pins and thicker side places to increase the strength and prevent stretching. The main difference between this and...

£13.99 £12.99

BSD Safari BMX Pedals
BSD Safari BMX Pedals Introducing the Reed Stark signature Safari Pedal. Reed has been talking about this pedal idea for as long as he’s been on BSD. He noticed that when a bike falls to the ground, the corner pins on plastic pedals grind and break off. The Safari pedal...


Animal Rat Trap Plastic Pedals
Animal Rat Trap Plastic Pedals Brand new Mark Gralla signature pedals from Animal - PC bodies- 20 x molded square pins per pedal face & micro-knurling for added grip.- Chromoly axle with unsealed bearings

£18.99 from £18.09

Odyssey A Brake Pads - Black
Odyssey A-Brake Pads are general purpose brake pads designed specifically to fit standard BMX rims. Easy to toe-in so you can get great pad to rim contact

£7.99 £6.99

Cult Halflink BMX Chain
The cult HALF LINK chain features a teflon coating with engraved cult logos and is designed to help dial in the rear end length on frames with short dropouts. Rounded side plates are compatible with 8t and larger drivers.

£26.99 £24.49

BSD Dan Paley Slim Grips
Dan Paley is really fussy when it comes to grips, not too fat, not too thin, not too squishy, the list goes on. The Dan Paley Slims however are just right. Dan Paley Slims Grip Features: – Flangeless Dan Paley zigzag design – Krayton rubber – Bar ends included Website:...

£9.99 £9.14

Odyssey G3 Lower Gyro BMX Cable
The Odyssey lower Gyro cable goes from the lower part of your Gyro to the brake bridge located just before your brake. It's a universal fit and comes long enough to cut down to the right size. The new G3 has improved rubber plastic ends, an improved fit and better...

£7.99 £7.19

Odyssey Slic BMX Cable
The Odyssey Slic cable is a standard straight brake cable with a teflon coated inner wire for better performance. Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, White, Red or Blue

£4.99 £4.49

Odyssey G3 Full BMX Gyro Kit
The Odyssey Gyro G3 Detangler is a low cost Gyro setup that includes everything to get your Gyro setup going. In the G3 kit there is the Gyro components including the upper and lower gyro, upper and lower cables and cable stops. The kit comes in one colour only is...

£23.99 £20.99

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Cult Ricany Grips
Sean Ricany signature grips from Cult. The grips feature a wavy ribbed pattern and are made by ODI the USA.Specs: Diameter: 30mm Length: 160mm

£11.99 £11.39

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Primo 510 BMX Chain
The Cult 510 chain features a Teflon coating with stamped Cult logos, heat-treated riveted pins and thicker side plates to increase strength and prevent stretching. Includes a pre-installed half link to make fine tuning the length easier. Website: Specifications Brand: Primo Colour: Dark Blue, Raw or Chrome Weight: 277g

£12.99 £12.34

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Top Hat Spacer BMX
Top hat spacer for a BMX sprocket. These sit inside the sprocket and bridge the gap between the sprocket and the axle. Ever wondered why your sprocket keeps going up and down when your cranks spin? Probably in need one of these.

£3.99 £2.99

BSD Forever Chain
Ultra Durable 1/2" X 1/8" Chain from BSD. The Forever chain features mushroomed pins, BSD stamped logos on the plates and has undergone rustproofing treatment before leaving the factory. The Forever chain also features a pre-installed halflink on one end to help you get that perfect wheel alignment. Black only....

£12.99 £11.89

Federal Mid Bottom Bracket
Federal Mid Bottom Bracket The Federal bottom bracket features high quality sealed bearings with alloy spacers featuring a laser etched Federal logo.

£23.99 £22.79

Fly Bikes Ruben Graphite Plastic Pedals
The Fly Bikes Ruben Pedal is Ruben Alcantara's signature pedal. These pedals are made from strong Nylon and Fiber Glass compound creating a slimmer plastic pedal whilst allowing for a sharper knurling giving you better grip. Website: Specifications Brand: Fly Bikes Colour:  Black, Rubber, White, Military Green, Red, Tan, Grey...

£25.99 from £14.99

Shadow Interlock Halflink BMX Chain
The Shadow Conspiracy's best selling BMX chain is made completely of half-links and is two times stronger than a regular bmx chain. Ideal for riding street or heavier riders this chain has pins that are 5 times stronger than those in a regular chain and is available in a number...

£35.99 from £34.19

KHE Rotor BMX Sprocket Black - 30T
KHE Rotor BMX Sprocket Black - 30T Lightweight sprocket made of CNC'd superstrong 7075 AluminiumStandard Drive.Works with 1/8" and 3/32" chains.Weight: 39g (20T)Color: Black Size: 30 Tooth

£49.99 £27.99

Cult 410 BMX Chain
The Cult 410 chain is a strong and affordable 1/8" chain based on the original KMC 410 chain with stamped Cult logos on the plates and a Teflon coating. Includes a pre-installed half-link for fine tuning of the back end length. The original and best half-link chain that just got...

£8.99 £8.49

Free BMX Pedals When Purchasing Cranks
Get a free pair of pedals when purchasing cranks from Waller BMX. Please note - the pedals included with your cranks may vary and will not always be the same as the image shown.


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