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Odyssey Spokes 40pc 14G
Odyssey Spokes 40pc 14G Straight gauge spokes with a proprietary grade of stainless steel that is as good or better than the materials used by the world’s most renowned spoke makers. Sized and dimensioned specifically for BMX.

£23.99 from £19.99

Odyssey Aitken Street BMX Tyre
The Aitken Street tyre has proven one of Odyssey's most popular tyres. Its all round versatility allows it be used for street, park and even trails. This is the lighter version of the Aitken tyre due to the P-lyte sidewalls.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Beading: Wire Weight: 560g

£32.99 from £24.99

Odyssey Path Pro Tyre
The Odyssey Path tyre would arguably be one of Odyssey's most popular tyres. With a slick centre and knured sides, the Odyssey Path Pro Tyre follows in its fathers footsteps. Updated with more contemporary sizes the Path Pro is available in either 2.25" or 2.40" widths.  Durable dual ply casing 100 psi 20x2.25", 20x2.40"

£34.99 £33.49

Odyssey R32 Forks
Odyssey R32 Forks The new Odyssey R32 fork is made from Odyssey's 41-thermal processed 4130 chromoly. These forks features a built in bearing race, 4mm dropouts shaped for grind and peg clearance and a seamless, tapered, butted and specially formed leg tube for improved grind and guard clearance. These forks...

£159.99 from £139.99

Odyssey Pro Integrated Headset
Odyssey Pro Integrated Headset Integrated headset from Odyssey. Designed using high-quality sealed bearings and a precision tapered wedge to keep the headset tight at all times. Includes 10mm, 3mm and 2mm spacers.Weight: 60g / 2.1oz

£33.99 from £27.99

Odyssey Power BMX Gloves
The Odyssey BMX Power gloves feature re-enforced fingertips, soft thumbs, gel insert palms and a silicon palm grip for added comfort whilst keeping your hands warm.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Brown/Grey Sizes: Small, Medium, Large or X-Large

£19.99 £17.99

Odyssey Griswald Grips
The Odyssey Griswald grips are made from a soft rubber compound with a curved mushroom style pattern for comfort. Odyssey Par Ends are included and the length of the grips are 148mm. Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, Clear Black, Strawberry, Blueberry, Gum, White or Tangerine

£9.99 from £6.99

Odyssey Springfield BMX Brake
Odyssey Springfield BMX Brake The Springfield brake is Odyssey's new budget brake and comes with the all new Ghost pads. The brake itself including pads is super light and is one of the most simple brake setups to install. There's no setting up of springs like average brakes. Available in...

£25.99 from £20.99

Odyssey Vermont Sprocket
The Vermont sprocket is a super popular sprocket from Odyssey. The Vermont is tough, durable and long lasting. Since it's introduction it has been rider tested and has had great reviews.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, Polished or Gold Size: 23T, 25T, 27T, 28T or 30T Weight: 68g

£39.99 £35.99

Odyssey Aaron Ross Keyboard Grips
The ever popular Aaron Ross grip designed by Odyssey is a comfortable 'qwerty' style grip made from soft Krayton rubber. The flanges are easily removable and the grips come with Odyssey Par Ends too. Available in a range of colours. Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour:  Black, Gum, Lime Green, Blueberry,...

£9.99 £8.49

Odyssey La Guardia Sprocket
The La Guardia is CNC Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and features Odyssey's Incisor tooth pattern for improved chain engagement and has a 23.8mm centre, includes 19mm sprocket adapter and weighs 130g for the 25T model.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black, Black/Silver or Polished Size: 25T or 28T Weight: 25T= 130g

£69.99 from £57.99

Odyssey Path P-Lyte Tyre
Odyssey Path P-Lyte Tyre The Odyssey Path tyre is a street/ramp style tyre with a thick side wall and a fast yet smooth rolling tread. This tyre is a p-lyte tyre and weighs just 0.7kg.

£29.99 £21.99

Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim
Odyssey Hazard Lite Rim A true bmx classic. The Hazard Lite is respected because of its strength, reliability and light weight. Often imitated but never matched in quality or durability. The Hazard Lite is the rim of choice for some of the world’s best riders. Features Fully welded joint construction...

£89.99 from £64.99

Odyssey Burlington Sprocket
While the 44-16 can be directly achieved down to a 25-9, many riders have chosen to “gear-up” which means higher top speeds and help during roll backs. If you look at two of the most high speed riders out there, Gary Young and Chase Hawk, they are both geared up,...

£39.99 £35.99

Odyssey Dugan BMX Tyres
Tom likes to ride fast and go very high. These tyres were designed to help him do just that. Coming in at 20 X 2.3 and 20 X 2.4 with a fast centre tread, these are made for park, street and even dirt too. The side profile is reminiscent of...

£30.99 from £27.69

Odyssey Grandstand Pedals
The new Odyssey Grandstand pedals are Tom Dugan's signature pedal by Odyssey. They come in Black or clear and feature a wider platform compared to the original Odyssey Twisted PC Pedal. A perfect choice for all round riding.

£23.99 £21.59

Odyssey Cassette V3 Driver
Odyssey replacement driver for Odyssey Cassette hubs. It is made from Chromoly and comes with springs and pawls. Available in Left or Right Hand drive. The Odyssey 9T Cassette Driver now features a needle roller bearing that extensively improves the durability and life of the driver. It can take larger...

£59.99 from £44.99

Odyssey Fang Tom Dugan Sprocket
The Odyssey Fang is Tommy Dugan's new signature sprocket. It's CNC'd for extra radness and strength. It features Odyssey's Incisor tooth pattern for improved chain engagement.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Colour: Black or Polished Size: 25T, 28T or 30T Weight: 70g

£59.99 £53.99

Odyssey Pro Conical Integrated Headset
Odyssey Pro Conical Integrated Headset The Odyssey Pro Conical headset is designed using high-quality sealed bearings and a precision tapered wedge to keep the headset tight at all times. The conical dust cap is ideal to create a cleaner look for taller riders, meaning they will not have to use...

£32.99 from £29.49

Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks
Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks The Thunderbolt cranks are Odyssey's latest cranks on the market. The Thunderbolt cranks are the descendant of the Wombolt and Twombolt cranks. These cranks have proved themselves in the BMX market being one of the lightest, yet strongest cranks out there. They have been laboratory tested and...

£179.99 from £134.99

Odyssey EVO 2 BMX Brake
The Odyssey Evo 2 U-Brake has pre-forged arms for maximised strength and durability. The forged arms are much lighter and stronger than most brake on the market. The Evolver 2 Brake comes with cable set screws, cable lugs, straddle cable, Odyssey straddle hanger, front cable adaptor, two sets of springs...

£59.99 £53.99

Odyssey Integrated Headset
Quality integrated headset from Odyssey. This headset features a lower stack height than some other headsets and is available in Odyssey's current colours to match the rest of their BMX parts. The Odyssey Integrated Headset is another quality product from Odyssey. It features a lower stack height than other headsets...

£29.99 £24.99

Odyssey Mike Aitken Knobby Tyre
A classic knobby version of the Aitken signature tire. Traditionally a more dirt-specific tire but the tire’s fast rolling center tread allows it to be used on all terrains. Features Mike Aitken Signature Single-Ply Sidewall Sizes 20x2.125" 20x2.35"

£39.99 £29.89

Odyssey Linear SLS Brake Cable
This is odyssey's top of the line brake cable that ties together all of our most advanced braking technology. Utilizes the original BMX Linear Slic Kable housing to prevent binding when the bars are rotated. Factory installed ferrule ends with inner volcano shape to prevent housing blow out; A Linear...

£15.99 from £14.39

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