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Sunday Zipline Linear BMX Cable
The Linear Zipline uses a whole new housing technology that makes it as strong as all the other non-Odyssey Linear cables on the market today. The new technology has allowed us to remove the traditional mesh look that you find with other Linear cables. It has also allowed us to...

£11.99 £5.89

Cult Halflink BMX Chain
The cult HALF LINK chain features a teflon coating with engraved cult logos and is designed to help dial in the rear end length on frames with short dropouts. Rounded side plates are compatible with 8t and larger drivers.

£26.99 £24.49

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KMC 410 BMX Chain
KMC 410 BMX Chain. 1 1/8 width for use with single speed bikes. Standard plate thickness and pin riveting Features in both BMX and CB Width 8.8-mm, weighs 344-grams

£5.99 £3.99

Season Druid 23T Guard Sprocket Black
The Season Druid Fullguard sprocket is made from 7075 aluminium. Sprocket with built in bash guard with cutout so the crank arm fits snug in the guard. 

£44.99 £39.99

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Odyssey JPEG 4" Lighter Pegs
The Odyssey JPEG lighter peg is a lighter version of the JPEG Light - Available in 10mm or 14mm.  Website: Specifications Brand: Odyssey Size: 10mm or 14mm

£19.99 £10.49

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Eco Headset 1 1-8" Threadless
Eco Anodized Threadless HeadsetAn affordable, lightweight, threadless headset which will make a welcome addition to anyone wanting to add a bit of colour to their bike or scooter.

£9.99 £4.99

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Cult Dehart Grips Orange
The Dehart grip is Chase Deharts signature grip designed by Cult. This is a thin style grip without flanges and is available in various colours. Bar ends are included with these grips. Website: Specifications Brand: Cult Colour:  Black, White, Gum, Orange, Red and Blue

£10.99 £6.99

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Federal Wax Block
BMX wax from Federal. This wax has a side dedicated for waxing rails and a side for ledges.

£6.99 £4.79

BUD BMX Niche Beanie
The Bud BMX niche beanie is fully ribbed and made from 100% acrylic beanie. Come with the Bud BMX niche logo quality embroidered on the front. Available in black or navy colours. Specifications Brand: BUD BMX Colour: Black or Navy Size: One-size

£19.99 from £13.99

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United Valentino Nylon BMX Pedals
Alex Valentino signature pedal are a slim low profile design with classic shape made from a nylon/fibreglass mix material with hexagonal pins for extra grip and fine micro knurling over the pedal body - Heat treated cromo axle. Website: Specifications Brand: United Colour: Black or Glow In The Dark...

£15.99 from £9.99

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Bone Deth Vibrator BMX Seat
The Bone Deth "Vibrator Mid" Pivotal Seat really stands out! You get the Bone Deth "Vibrator Mid" Pivotal Seat in a soft polyester cover with leopard pattern or Mid Scales in brown. It is really light and in good old Bone Deth style really solid. Website: Specifications Brand: Bonedeth...

£39.99 £26.99

S&M GNS BMX Pedals
Oversized CrMo spindle for strength. Large body. Thin design. Accepts 6mm Allen, 15mm and 17mm wrench for installation/removal. Wider surface also allows use of adjustable wrench. The larger, ergonomic shape is designed for grip and support. Micro-knurled surface and molded pins for traction. Long lasting nylon/fiber blend sliding. Large/Thin Nylon...


Federal Rear BMX Hubguard
The Federal hubguard is a forged (stronger than CNC machining) alloy guard designed with a smaller surface area touching the dropout to allow the rear wheel to be slammed further into the dropout. This guard will fit almost all rear hubs on the market and comes with a laser etched...

£16.99 £16.49

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KHE BIkes Folding Mac 2 Dirt Premium Tyre
The MAC tyre is the world’s first freestyle folding tyre. This is not just a new tyre like all the others, this one changes the weight of the complete bike dramatically because it's less rotating mass at the end of the frame and at the same time it strengthens a lot...

£39.99 £29.99

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Cult Stash Backpack
Canvas backpack from the Cult. The stash backpack features multi-compartment, adjustable padded straps and an hang hoop. Available in Black or Camo colour ways. Website: Specifications Brand: Cult Colour: Black or Camo

£39.99 from £29.99

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KHE Clatch USA Looseball Bottom Bracket
Looseball caged bearings and cups for an American sized frame. Brought to you by KHE.

£9.99 £6.99

Fly Bikes Fuego Tyre Devon Smillie
Devon was always a fan of the Ruben tyre so he wanted his design to reference that tread pattern, but with changes to make it more street focused. Fly knew street riding destroys tyres so wanted it to be as tough as possible. They brought back the original sidewall protection...

£34.99 £29.99

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Federal Contact VEX Grips
Federal's new Contact grip was designed to provide a comfortable and durable grip pattern which reduces unwanted hand movement when riding. They feature an improved compound which removes any plasticky or slimy feeling often associated with new grips making them perfect for use straight out the box! It is also...

£7.99 £7.49

Animal Highline BMX Stem
Top Load BMX stem from Animal. The Highline stem from Animal is made from Forged 6061 Aluminum Construction. Specs: Reach: 50mm Rise: 35mm Bar Clamping Diameter: 22.2mm Weight: TBC

£44.99 from £42.49

S&M Bikes Mid Bottom Bracket
High quality sealed bottom bracket from S&M, available in 19mm and 22mm options.

£29.99 from £24.99

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Federal BBS Solid Sprocket
Solid sprocket from Federal. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium this sprocket features a tough solid design with CNC machined BBS pattern finished with a laser etched Federal logo.

£32.99 from £24.99

Proper Tecmatik Frame
This frame was designed with three main objectives; to be strong, responsive, and affordable. There’s no compromise on quality but Proper have managed to keep the price reasonable by keeping what they call “vanity features” to a minimum. There’s no laser cut headtube logo, no gusset stamp, no fancy finish,...

£349.99 £249.99

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United Incarnate BMX Frame
The all new Incarnate frame. Designed to have a responsive and stiffened back end with the all-new ultra slim cast wishbone. Tested extensively through CAD aided machine work software to implement extreme force and handed to team riders to give a good battering.  Shallower pitched seat tube angle to move the bottom...

£299.99 £188.99

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Stranger Ballast Front Hub 10mm
The Stranger Ballast Front hub is made from stout aluminium hub shell with extra thick flanges and 2 built-in Primo nylon hub guards. It has 2 precision-sealed cartridge bearings and a 15mm hollow chromoly female axle with 3/8" (10mm) chromoly bolts. 

£54.99 from £43.99

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