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TSG Skate-BMX Injected Helmet
The Skate/BMX helmet was launched back in 1998, and is an absolute classic that served as a template for many others to follow. This regular shaped halfshell lid became famous in 1999 when it protected skateboard legend Tony Hawk from a serious injury while attempting a full loop.The injected color line...

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TSG Dawn BMX Helmet
When a 70's Vibe meets 21st Century Technology this is what you get. The Dawn rocks a classic ear protection style with a safe hardshell construction. It is the first certified classic full cut skate helmet available, finally superseding the choice between style or safety. On top the Dawn features...

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TSG Evolution Helmet - Clear White
The TSG Evolution helmet features a custom low and snug fit - i'st the least-voluminous hardshell design available and fits to your head like a protective second skin. It's a tough hardshell construction that curves anatomically correct around your head for a great fit and wearing comfort. The Evolution is...

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TSG Skate-BMX Helmet
The Skate/BMX helmet, launched back in 1998, is an absolute classic and served as role model for many others. It became famous when skateboard superstar Tony Hawk wore it as the helmet that protected him from a serious injury during a looping attempt. TSG have now optimized the shape at...

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TSG Evolution Injected Helmet
Evolution Injected Featuring TSG's custom low, snug fit, the Evolution helmet is one of the slimmest hardshell designs available. It features a tough skate-style hardshell construction, which securely protects all the useful bits of your noggin. The design curves anatomically around the head for a great fit and tailored wearing...

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TSG Evolution Helmet
It's a tough hardshell construction that curves anatomically correct around your head for a great fit and wearing comfort. The Evolution is shaped on all four sides of the helmet and fits without slipping or jiggling. It is the shape and fit role model for most of our helmets.But it's not...

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TSG Kraken Helmet
The ORIGINAL Compact helmet that adapts to the wearer's head with a Flexible interior shell When we introduced our Kraken helmet line with FlexTech in 2010, it was the first of its kind. The Kraken utilises a series of interior EPS foam segments, connected via a reinforcing framework. The advantage...

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TSG Dawn Flex Helmet
The revolutionary Dawn Flex helmet finally brings true soft-fit comfort combined with a CE certified construction. This is what soft-shell users have been waiting for: the perfect compromise between comfort and safety. We have added our FlexTech innovation to this classic full-cut design with ear protection. The Dawn Flex utilizes a...

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TSG Evolution Injected Youth Helmet
The younger sibling of the Evolution helmet delivers the same attention to detail as its big brother. The Evolution Youth features a tough ABS hardshell in a shell size optimised for youth and young adult riders. The low profile skate-style fit fully protects temples and nape, making it the first...

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TSG Superlight Helmet
The Superlight helmet offers the classic low-profile stylings of a traditional skate helmet with ultra-lightweight in-mould construction. This 300g featherweight features our Snug Fit for genuine wobble-free, carefree comfort. Clean, utilitarian design for hard-minded purists. The new Reflect version offers fantastic visibility for urban and off-road riders due to the...

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TSG Dawn Wakeboard Helmet
The Hardshell Ear Coverage of our Dawn helmet builds the perfect base for our wakeboard helmet. The Dawn Wakeboard rocks the same classic style, but is equipped with a soft waterproof foam liner at the ears. Our Snug Fit design is tailored to the natural curves of your head, allowing us...

£49.99 £44.99

TSG Wrist Brace
The Wrist Brace is TSG's brand new wrist support for bikers. The one-size-fits-all brace delivers supreme support and comfort. At the same time, it allows a natural and unobstructed grip on the handlebars. The cushioning wraparound design is made from lightweight breathable fabric for perfect comfort under pressure, while secure...


TSG All Ground Elbow Pads
The All Ground elbowpad is for serious riders who need pads that can withstand slams in pools and backyard ramps. Durable high-grade fabrics with double stitching, EVA impact foam and flat, high-density caps guarantee great protection and wear. Open-backed design with neoprene butterfly closure and 360 degree straps.


TSG Ace Elbow Pads
The slip-on Ace elbow pad was designed in collaboration with pro skater Jono Schwan, providing low-profile, hard cap protection against swellbows. It features an ergonomic Neoprene and Cordura sleeve and top 360 wrap strap for a secure, safe fit, while soft padding and a hard cap provide top protection to...


TSG All Terrain Knee Pads
Kneepads for all terrain missions.TSG sets the industry standard.High grade durable fabrics, EVA cup foam, and polycarbonate full coverage caps provide complete protection without restricting the necessary movement needed to perform. Features: 100% Nylon double layered foam inner padding.  Adjustable Velcrotm straps backed with Neoprenetm for a non-slip, snug fit.  Durable PE...


TSG Knee Gasket Brace AD
Our lightest and slimmest-fitting pads keep your knees supported and slightly padded. Great to wear under our open-back knee pads for a 100% shift-free fit. Features: Pull-Over Design. Thin padding areas. Velcro patches to fix kneepads. Specifications Size S/M, L/XL ColourBlack


TSG All Ground Knee Pads
The anatomically pre-shaped All Ground knee pads with shock-absorbing EVA foam padding and PE caps offer a high level of security. For a secure fit there are two hook and loop fasteners while the open-back design guarantees maximum freedom of movement. Features EVA impact-absorbing foam provides great shock absorbing properties,...


TSG Recon Helmet
The Recon helmet features a small brim on our favourite Evolution shell. Our customised low, snug fit hugs your head for jiggle-free riding protection. Tuned for your comfort with Air Flow Channels and washable premium interior pads

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TSG Nipper Mini Helmet
The TSG Nipper helmet is designed for children. Derived from the ground-breaking inmold TSG Superlight helmet but with a modified shell shape for kids and toddlers. This kids lightweight offers an anatomically correct fit for children and features superior protection as well as being extremely comfortable. If you want your...

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