BMX Bikes Explained

Approximate Bike Sizes For Heights

Below we've covered approximate BMX wheel sizes and frame sizes for different heights of rider.

* Height - up to 3ft" | Bike Size - 12" Wheel or Balance Bike.

* Height - 3ft to 3ft 6" | Bike Size - 16" Wheel.

* Height - 3ft 4" to 4ft 4" | Bike Size - 18" Wheel.

* Height - 4ft to 5ft 4" | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 18" to 20.25" top tube.

* Height - 5ft to 6ft | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 20.25" to 21" top tube.

* Height - 5ft to 10ft + taller | Bike Size - 20" Wheel with 21" or longer top tube.

The differences in shorter and longer top tubes lengths on the 20” bikes can also be rider preference based on the terrain you mostly ride. Below is a stereotype of the following riders.

Skatepark - Shorter frames for maneuvering bike. Longer frames if you tend to flow and go high.

Trails/ Dirt Jumps - Longer frames and Chainstay (CS) lengths for stability.

Street - Shorter frames and CS length for quick technical grinds and rotations.

Race - Longer frames and CS length for stability at high speeds.

The higher end complete bikes usually have better specs. For example a basic model may have unsealed bearings in the wheels and a standard hi-tensile steel frame whereas a higher end complete bike may have sealed wheels and a much stronger full 4130 chromoly heat-treated frame which is better for a heavier rider.

Race bikes however may have a aluminium frame on a basic model and a carbon fiber frame on a higher spec model.